August Town will be nice again - Cops promise to clean up community

November 02, 2018
Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) personnel carry out operations in Bedward Crescent in August Town yesterday. Increased numbers of lawmen will remain in the community indefinitely.

Following an operation in August Town yesterday in which more than 60 persons were detained, including one individual who is wanted for murder, Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis said the police will be working to return the community to its 2016 murder-free status.

Pointing out that there is always a police presence in the area, Watkis said that following the violent flare-ups that are linked to an ongoing gang feud, the presence of the security forces has been elevated.

"We have a consistency of numbers which is geared at trying to keep the people safe," he said.

Nine persons of interest were among those held by the police yesterday. A quantity of weapons was also seized.

With the aim of ridding the Corporate Area of violence producers, Watkis said that the security forces will be carrying out a number of secondary operations to flush out criminals who have run to other areas.

"We will follow them wherever they go and it has started paying dividends. The overall goal of transforming the space, means us transforming our approaches for future communities that will exist with a changed environment," he said.

For crime-free communities to be a reality, Watkis said the courts, investigators, and citizens will have to play their part.

"In the event that residents think that the presence of the police and the army slows their movement, it is a sacrifice that I would encourage them to continue to embrace until we can normalise our communities," he said.

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