STAR Chat: How should persons who abuse women and children be punished?

November 02, 2018


National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang says the attacks on women and children appear to be more heinous and barbaric and is cause for grave concern to the government.

In light of the statement as well as what appears to be an increase in the number of children being reported missing, we asked our users on social media the following question: How should persons who abuse women and children be punished?

Here are some of the responses


Via Facebook:

Tashana Thompson: Removal of genitals along with hands and feet and tongue. If they dare to commit such crime again they only can use their eyes.

Dha Onlii Kadene: Fallen Pick out dem finger nail one by one and cut off piece a dem summ likkle by likkle

Jack Wills: Stoning or hanging or firing squad


What ever punishment they put upon the women and children same punishment upon them

@ petoswallams: I believe that these persons should get counselling; to find about their past which will reveal their behavioural patterns, then if possible try to assist them through programs that restore their way of thinking. Well if they repeat the offence then just have to imprison them and give them hard labour.

@craveme_fancy: Lethal injection! Without women, there's no kids. Without kids there's no future. Stop spoil we Island dutty men

@k.parkins: Locked in a barrel of hot tar


It's not just woman and children but anyone. Woman are doing the abusing also. Anyone found guilty should be punished base on the crime. Time for the death penalty

@DvdTrnbll: It would depend on their age, sex, sexuality of the victims and abusers

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