Bogue shooting worries St Elizabeth community

November 07, 2018
Basil Waite

Basil Waite, the People's National Party caretaker for North East St Elizabeth, says he is concerned about recent acts of violence in the constituency.

The latest incident involves a 34-year-old farmer, whose house was set ablaze about 1 o' clock Tuesday morning. Reports from the police are that the deceased, Maurice Campbell of Bogue in St Elizabeth, was at home when the family was awakened by smoke. THE STAR learnt that the family tried to exit their house at the back when they were sprayed with bullets.

Campbell died at the scene and the other family members escaped unharmed. Waite told THE STAR that this is the third incident in the space of two months.

"This is concerning and it is a sad development and unexpected. Just over a month ago, there was a home that was set ablaze in an adjoining community, less than five minutes away," he said.

While not saying the incidents are connected, he said some intervention is needed.

Waite said that the community has always been a quiet one and so residents want action to be taken before it gets worse.

"Clearly, this is not the tradition or the culture in the community. It is a peaceful farming community and the citizens are getting concerned. They do not want their communities to be destroyed and people creating mayhem," he said.

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