Talk to me or else - Revivalist vows drastic action to protest child murders

November 08, 2018
Bishop Bryan Cameron said he is fighting for the rights of our children.

Bishop Bryan Cameron, president of the Christian Revivalist Council of Churches, is threatening to chain himself to the offices of a government establishment unless someone speaks to him about what is being done to protect the nation's children.

Cameron, 52, staged a one-man protest at various intersections in the Corporate Area yesterday, before picketing outside a number of entities responsible for the well-being of the country's children.

He wanted to show his disgust at the alarming rate at which youngsters are being murdered in Jamaica.

And he plans to hit the streets again today, but said his demonstration won't be as subtle.

"I was very mild. Tomorrow (today), it is not going to be the same. I am going to demand at the Ministry of Education to see Floyd Green. I need him to help me voice this, even if I have to lie in the streets across the road at the Ministry," he told THE STAR.




Cameron is upset by what he considers the lack of action on the part of some State-run entities to deal with violence against children.

"You have all these children associations that are doing nothing for our children. All they do is sit in their A/C office and go around their computers. Maybe they playing games on their computer but they do nothing, there is no result," he said. "All they do is talk. I want to see what they have been doing and how effective their organisation has been in helping children.

As a Christian, he said he believes that the church's voice is not heard enough as some denominations have become too comfortable

"The church talk every day how much they love children and yet we find pastors and bishops that are going to prison for molesting children. These are the same persons who we take out and put up on platforms to pray for the nation," he told THE STAR.

Cameron, who said he was on the street from 7:30 a.m. until minutes after 2 p.m. yesterday, said he was forced to take to the streets after hearing that at least 40 children had been killed so far in 2018.

He recalled the murder of Yetanya Francis and noted that no one has yet been held responsible for her murder.

And with some persons condemning the revivalist church, he said he wants Jamaicans to know that the revivalist people, who 'wrap dem head', care for Jamaica.

"We as adults, we pass big men and see dem in compromising positions with children and we pass them as if it is the norm. That is the Jamaica that we live in and that is the Jamaica that we have to stand up against," he said.

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