How could someone kill my child? - Mother still seeking answers three years after daughter's death

November 09, 2018
Treshauna Henry
Treshauna Henry
Ann Marie Henry's life has been turned upside down since the death of her daughter.

In January 2015, Ann Marie Henry's life was turned upside down when the body of her teenage daughter, Treshauna Henry, was found in Dry River, St Mary.

The 14-year-old, who attended Annotto Bay High School, was reported missing the night before, just hours after she went to the river to wash.

Henry's body had blows to the chest and head, but the police are still not certain if it was murder. As a result, Henry said that she is still searching for answers.

"I was sleeping, and when I wake I asked her bigger sister where she (Treshauna) was and she tell mi she gone river gone wash. Mi see a man who tie goat out by the riverside and ask him if him see mi daughter, and him say no. Mi and her sister go by the river go look for her, and we call till we fool, but we nuh get no answer. I see the clothes that she wash and her slippers, but not she," said.

Henry said she initially thought Treshauna had gone to visit a friend nearby, but she became alarmed when she did not return home before sunset.

Still consumed by grief, the mourning mother, between sighs, said that she didn't sleep that night. The following morning, the Annotto Bay police, along with members of the district, went in search of the 14-year-old and discovered her underwear in the bushes. Her lifeless body was then found in the river a short distance away.

"When everyone was in the bush looking for her, the same man that I had asked if he saw her the day before, cried out that he saw her in the water. Everybody did a say a him, and the police carry him away. Him tell the police say him could swear say him tell mi say him hear mi pickney inna the bush a cry, but mi sure him never tell mi that. Police did also hold on to three man, but them end up release dem,," she said.

The real cause of young Treshauna's death is still unknown, as the pathologist could not determine if she was killed or died from falling into the river. However, the autopsy did reveal that she was not raped.

"Mi get a vision where she a call the name of some people who killed her and is the same person who everyone suspect. After the incident happen, mi take up mi family and move because I really realise I had enemies around me, because if someone could kill off my innocent little daughter like that," she said.

These days, the 65-year-old spends her days cherishing the memories of the daughter who she described as the perfect child.

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