I want my daughter for Christmas - Mother of missing woman begs for her return

November 09, 2018
Racquel 'Bubbles' Ricguard wants to be reunited with her daughter.
Racquel Ricguard is hoping her daughter will be found soon.
In this May 2018 photo, Racquel 'Bubbles' Ricguard holds a photo of her missing daughter, Anneka 'Mappy' Thompson.

It has been little more than seven months since Racquel 'Bubbles' Ricguard last saw her daughter, Anneka 'Mappy' Thompson.

The 23-year-old went missing in April after her mother sent her to deliver food on Waltham Park Road, St Andrew.

Mappy did not reach the intended destination, and Ricguard and her family have not rested since.

The person affected the most is Thompson's four-year-old daughter, whose only wish is to be reunited with her mother for Christmas.

"She young, but she understand everything. She keeps wondering if her madda dead because people a drive it in her head. We try to build her hopes up, and she keep on a say she behaving herself because she know if she is good, God gonna send home her mommy. The other day she ask if mi think duppy can hear when she a talk," Ricguard said.

The mother said Mappy is a witness in an ongoing court matter and should have returned to court two days after she disappeared.

Mappy, who resides with her family in George's Lane in central Kingston, told her mother that men from the area had fired shots in her direction at a dance, weeks before she went missing.

She stated that she wasn't the one who alerted the police, but when she went back to the dance to enquire why her daughter was attacked, the cops were already on the scene.

Ricguard said Mappy was even planning to drop the case she was involved in.

"But she never reach back (at court), and all now I don't know what happen to my daughter," she said.




She described Mappy as a kind-hearted individual, who always had the interest of others close to her heart.

"I remember when a little girl was shot on Fleet Street, Mappy was the one who organised a road march and lead the procession that lashed out against the killing. Now she is missing, and I can't get any answers. I just need closure," the tearful mother said.

Ricguard is making another plea to Jamaicans to assist with the search for her daughter, who she is hoping will be home for the Yuletide season.

"Come on Jamaica, our daughters are missing too often. We need to rise up and take back our island. It pains my heart every time my granddaughter ask when is her mommy coming home, or if she ask why her mommy don't want to come home. Please tell me what I should tell to this baby girl about her mother when I don't even know what is happening," she said.

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