My family is under attack - Relative in shock following quadruple murder in Westmoreland

November 09, 2018
The houses where the four people were killed in Little London, Westmoreland earlier this year.



In the wee hours of Thursday morning, a barrage of gunshots rang out in Masemure Meadows, Westmoreland. When the shooting stopped, four persons were found dead after being shot multiple times.

Reports are that at about 1 a.m., the bodies of the four persons were found in their homes by police officers, who responded to reports of gunfire being heard in the community.

Dead are 31-year-old mechanic Howard Humes; 23-year-old Shavane Humes; 33-year-old farmer Paulton Humes, also known as 'Dwight'; and Keneisha Wilson, 25.

With three of the deceased being members of one family, a relative believes that the family is under attack.

Zetta Humes, the sister of Howard Humes and Paulton Humes and the aunt of Shavane Humes, said that she has lost five siblings to the gun.

"It is 13 of us, brothers and sisters, and five a dem kill now. Four brothers and one sister," said Humes, who is the eldest of her siblings.




Noting that her brother, Devon Humes, was shot and killed in January and her sister, Tracey Ann Humes, was murdered in 2016, Zetta Humes said that she is unaware of why her family is being targeted.

"Only God knows why we are being targeted. As far as I know, my family has not done anybody anything," she said, pointing out that her two brothers are good, hard-working men and her nephew is always jovial.

And as result of the quadruple murder, three children have lost parents.


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