KILLER COP CONVICTED! Constable ‘Chucky’ Brown found guilty of murder

November 15, 2018

Police Constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown has been found guilty on three counts of murder.

He was also found guilty on one count of wounding with intent and conspiracy to commit murder.

The verdicts were handed down a short while ago in Kingston’s Home Circuit Court:

Murder of Damoy Gutty Dawkins on January 10, 2009 – Guilty

Murder of Dwayne Douglas on December 13, 2012– Guilty

Murder of Andrew Fearon on December 13, 2012 – Guilty

Wounding with intent of a Crown witness on January 10, 2009 – Guilty

Conspiracy to commit murder - Guilty

The jurors returned with the verdict nearly four hours after they retired on the instruction of high Court Judge Justice Vivene Harris.

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