We nuh done yet! ... Holness announces more road projects

November 19, 2018
Aston Lindsay journeyed from Manchester to the National Arena in Kingston for the Jamaica Labour Party's 75th annual conference yesterday. It is not hard to recognise that he is a 'rock stone' labourite.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says more major roadworks are in the pipeline. Holness, addressing the 75th annual conference of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) at the National Arena yesterday, said many roads are being built built across the country and there is more to come.

"We nuh done yet. Yuh see Constant Spring Road, yuh see Mandela, yuh see Three Miles and Hagley Park. Yuh see Barbican, Yuh see Ferris to Mackfield, yuh have south coast road improvement coming. You have the extension of the East-West. You name it, it's happening, but more is to come," the prime minister said.

He added: "Look out for the bypass in Annotto Bay, look out for the bypass in Spur Tree, look out for the bypass of Hope Bay, and look out for the bypass of Lucea, and look out for the development of a new road to bypass of Long Hill that will take you from MoBay to Ferris in the west." the Prime Minister added, while noting that the proposed projects would make it easier for Jamaicans to traverse the island.

Holness, who was speaking in his capacity as leader of the JLP, told Labourites that the road programmes will not lead to the death of small townships, many of which he said can grow no further.

He said a specific programme will be developed for the improvement of rural townships.

"After we finish Three Miles [and], Hagley Park Road, Half-Way Tree, Hope Road here we come with infrastructure improvement," he said.

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