Mother plants tree to remember slain daughter

November 29, 2018
Desiree Gibbon (left) and her mother, Andrea Gibbon.

It has been a year since Desiree Gibbon was murdered in Montego Bay, St James.

Gibbon, who had Jamaican roots, had travelled to Jamaica on October 20 and obtained a permit to stay in the country for three months.

Her parents say Desiree, who was a model, was here to make a documentary.

Her mother, Andrea Gibbon, visited the island over the weekend to visit the spot where they found her daughter's body.

Gibbon told THE STAR that she is still hurting from her loss and she is still seeking answers from the police still.

As a way of dealing with the loss, she came to the island to plant a tree in memory of her daughter.

"The one-year anniversary was on Sunday, so we went back up to that hill where they found her body and we planted a plant for her where they found her body," she said.

Gibbon, who was very close to her daughter, said things have not been the same since she got the news of her death and she is in need of closure.

According to Gibbon, her husband has not been handling the situation well because he has been crying a lot.

She said that she appreciates the support of persons who came to the tree-planting, and they will keep asking questions and seeking answers until her daughter's killer, or killers, are brought to justice.

"Her father has been crying non-stop and he is a man that doesn't cry. It is just really hard for us to cope and we need answers. When I went to the spot, it was very difficult and emotional because there is a lot of anger and frustration," she said.

Gibbon told THE STAR that she will continue to come to Jamaica and visit the area where Desiree was found until she gets closure.

She said that it seems as if no one remembers that her daughter was there, and so she is making it her duty to make people remember.

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