Brother Paul wants help to find his family

December 03, 2018
Brother Paul claims he was born in the United States.
Brother Paul says he wants to find his family.

After suffering for more than 30 years, Paul King-Young says he is searching for his family members to help him out of his misery.

The man, who is also called Brother Paul, claims that he was born in the United States but came to the island because of his foster mother. The good life that they hoped for was short-lived, according to him, because she left him and he was forced to live in various foster homes. 

He told THE STAR that throughout his adult life, he was able to survive by begging on the streets and getting an occasional rest in on the roadside.

The elderly man said that over the years he has suffered from heart problems and short sightedness. But with his sight getting worse, he said that he would like them to reach out to his family.

“I don’t know many of them, but I know that they are in the states and I would like if they reach out to me please. In August, my sight started to get worse and I can’t see clearly. I can’t see anything in the night, and in the day, all I can see are shadows,” he said.

King-Young said that his main aim is to come out of his suffering. 

“I would love if I can reached by them and that is why I chose this means because if they or anyone see me, they can let them know that I am trying to get to them,” he said.

Anyone who might be able to help Paul King-Young find his family may call him at 876-310-0690.

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