Community Focus: Canterbury enjoys peace

December 04, 2018
This footpath leads to Canterbury in St James.

Although once known for its rampant crime and violence, the community of Canterbury in St James is still held in high regards by residents who believe the area has much offer society at large.

It is for this reason why the people are renewing calls for the Government and private sector interests to invest more in the community.

"Canterbury is now one of the most peaceful communities in St James; we haven't had a killing in nearly a year," Everald Powell, president of the Canterbury Community Development Committee, told WESTERN STAR.

"We would like to see the community centre be up and running, and some skill training programme going on there. Many youths are here where they can get guidance, education, and go out there to do something wonderful for the country," Powell said.




"There is feedback that Canterbury is not a good place, but I say it is not so. Many productive people come out of the community and now is the time for even more development. There is peace and everyone a find something to do instead of idling. Now is the time to see some results from Canterbury," he added.

The St James Social Development Commission has been closely working with the community over the past few months by implementing several programmes with the aid of other agencies. In addition, the SDC has requested funding from the Planning Institute of Jamaica to aid in the restoration of a computer centre by January.

"Right now the community is at its best because there is no violence, no feud, nothing," said one resident who gave his name as 'Kevin'.

"I can speak about it. We getting on. We can talk to the youths now. It's levity now in Canterbury. Many people and them children don't have time to waste again because they see less value in crime and violence. There are good people here and we can curb the little [violence] we have going on, but we need support," he added.

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