Cut your speed - NWA urges motorists to drive carefully along Three Miles bypass

December 12, 2018
Vehicles traverse along a section of the Chesterfield Drive in St Andrew, which was opened on December 2. The roadway was built to bypass Three Miles, where road development works are under way.
Stephen Shaw, communications manager at National Works Agency.

Stephen Shaw, communication manager at the National Works Agency (NWA), is urging motorists to desist from speeding when they travel along Three Miles bypass.

His caution comes following news of at least five crashes along the roadway that was only opened to the public on December 2.

According to a taxi operator, who crashed hours after the road was opened, the bypass needs more work.

"Di other night a the first mi drive on it inna the night, and mi never did a speed or mi woulda dead. But is like mi couldn't make the corner, and the car run right off the road inna the sidewalk in a little hole weh look like a ditch. Them need to put a likkle wall or even put the reflecting lights on the ground," a taxi man told THE STAR.

Shaw, however, said that the roadway is not to be blamed for the accidents. Instead, he is urging motorists to obey the traffic signs which are installed within the area.

"I think that road is a 50 kph zone, and it should not be used for a racetrack because accidents will be the end result. JPS (Jamaica Public Service) is currently working to get electricity within that section soon, so it's really for motorists to obey the traffic signs and drive within the speed limits," he said.

The US$1-million bypass was constructed to help ease traffic congestion in the Corporate Area after Three Miles was closed to upgrade the road infrastructure.

The bypass runs from the end of Chesterfield Drive the access road to Seaview Gardens community to Marcus Garvey Drive in the vicinity of the Tinson Pen Aerodrome. The 1.5-kilometre roadway is designed primarily to take motorists from Six Miles towards downtown Kingston, while persons going to Half-Way Tree also use it as an option to get on to East Avenue from Marcus Garvey Drive.

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