Christmas shopping weak downtown

December 13, 2018
Delet has sought to assure potential buyers that downtown Kingston is safe for shopping.
Sharon Williams is hoping that business will pick-up ahead of Christmas day.
Marcia British says vendors want their end-of-year bonus too.

With Christmas 12 days away, vendors in the downtown Kingston commercial district are hoping that the number of shoppers venturing to the area will increase. Some persons with whom The STAR spoke with yesterday said that business has been relatively flat, but they remain optimistic that there would be a late rush among buyers.

"Christmas is not Christmas again. Mi spend up how much money a try see if we can get it back, but it's too much tea, we need coffee. We want people from country and uptown to come downtown to shop because we don't dear, we affordable," Delet told The STAR.

Delet, who sells runners or doilies, surmises that persons may be staying away from downtown because of the fear of being victims of crime. She has sought to assure potential buyers that the area is safe for shopping.

"If dem fraid we have inspector and police in uniform and plain clothes down here. Just don't wear any jewellery to attract anybody. Just come with dem purse and shop," Delet said.

Another vendor, Sharon Williams, commented that demand for wares has been weak this Christmas.




"No energy nuh deh deh cause nothing nah sell. Last year, all dem time ya it pick up and we interested to buy load. Nothing nah gwan, all dem time here last year me a sell. People come out come buy dem sheet set and tings a move," Williams said.

Marcia British, a clothes vendor, said that store owners are the main ones benefiting from Christmas shopping as persons have not been spending a lot of their money in the arcades and on the streets with higglers.

"The holiday a gwan good for the Chinese dem. A just in the Chinese store I see people going. Inside the stores full, a dem a sell," the long-time vendor said.

Marcia said she hopes more people will soon catch the Christmas fever downtown to do some shopping.

"I hope for it to pick up. I am always here for the entire season. This is the time when you guys get your bonus, so we looking for our bonus this time of the year, so we have to be out here," she said.

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