Recent killings scare Seaview residents

December 13, 2018

There have been a string of murders and shooting incidents within the St Andrew South Police Division over the last few weeks.

Seaview Gardens is one of the most affected communities at the moment, with two men killed in separate incidents at the start of the week.

Kevaughn Walker, from a Yellow Sea Drive address, was shot and killed about 7:30 a.m. on Monday while on his way to work.

Then on Tuesday night, David Dunkley of Aegean Sea Drive was murdered by unknown assailants in his shop.

A resident who told THE STAR that the latest flare-up stems from the death of a gangster, said many residents are fearful as persons who have nothing to do with the conflict are being targeted.

"A bare innocent a dead a Seaview cause Monday dem kill one innocent yute and di next side just come over and see a yute inna him shop and shoot him," he told THE STAR.

"Di yute innocent cause him grow sheltered. Him dead inna plastic cause him not even too guh nuh weh, a inna him shop him deh and dem call out 'serve!' and when him come dem shoot him," said the resident.

He is fearful that this Christmas may turn out to be a bloody one for Seaview Gardens and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, head of the St Andrew South Police Division, Superintendent Gary Francis, confirmed that from all indications, the violence in the area seems to be as a result of some gang-related activities.


Multidimensional approach


While he assures residents that there would be an increased security presence in the area, he is appealing to persons to try to reduce their conflicts non-violently as the police alone cannot prevent all crimes.

"You can't say because you put patrols in the area, people won't kill people. But what we have been doing is to increase a joint military police presence in the area and conduct various operations with multidimensional approach to reduce crime and the fear of crime and community decay," Francis said. "We will continue to seize firearms, continue to be present in spaces to reduce crime and fear of crime."

He is also making a special appeal to parents to raise children in the way they should and steer them away from becoming affiliated with criminal activities.

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