'Blue Mountain nuh normal a Christmas time' - Vendor excited by season

December 20, 2018
Oral McLean shows off one of his many Christmas trees for customers along the Gordon Town Road.
Kenyon Hemans / Photographer Oral McLean (left) and his son Oshane show off one the Christmas trees harvested last year from the hills of Mavis Bank.

Although the nights are cold enough to make teeth chatter, the Blue Mountains and surrounding communities come alive during the Yuletide season.

Christmas tree vendor Oral McLean says the child in him comes out each season, adding that this is the most celebrated holiday for him.

"The mountain a no nutten normal when a Christmas and New Year's Day. Up here come alive a night-time. We celebrate the holiday the real way. Place full a pepper lights and dem look good inna the fog. Whole heap a music and street dance. People go other people yard go eat dinner sometimes and everyone just loving and enjoy themselves. It's a really joyful time for me," he said.

As the 31-year old vendor trims his trees, he shares his best memories as a child and added that he carries on his tradition with his children.

"What can't come out a mi head is the plastic egg that mi used to find under the Christmas tree and me would do a scavenger hunt fi mi present. When mi search and find mi big water gun with the shot dem inna it mi feel really good. Mi do the Christmas egg ting same way," he said.


McLean told THE STAR that the area is also an attraction for tourists, most of whom are intrigued by the way the Christmas trees are cultivated.

"Up a da likkle place ya a tourist attraction dem time a year ya. A bare farin people come up here and travel go in the mountain with me to see how me cut the tree and ting. A whole heap a people just buy tree and never see where one plant yet", he said.

Christmas trees shoppers can acquire one of the season's must-have items for as little as $2,000, and McLean states that his trees can last for years after cutting.

"A lot of times dem buy from me and the tree serve fi all two to three years because mi tell dem how to care for it. Mi would love the sale every year, yes, but mi nah go be greedy. But you still have buyers who make the trip every year come buy dem tree," he said.

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