Gordon House treats elderly for Christmas

December 20, 2018
Annika Stewart (right) talks with Claire Reid, one of the many repeat visitors to the fair that is held annually.

Usually associated with bickering politicians going back and forth on national issues, Gordon House showed a different side yesterday.

The wellness section of the Houses of Parliament hosted its annual treat for the elderly at the Gordon House in Kingston.

Tashana Sewell Alcock, public relations officer at Gordon House, said that the treat has been taking place for the last 16 years and she is happy that they are able to help people yearly.

Linnette Higgins, who made it on the inside for the first time in three years, said that she is very happy because she had a blast.

"A three years now mi a try get mi ticket and mi get one last week and happy so till. Mi a enjoy myself," she said.

As The STAR team spoke with her, she rocked and skanked to the music in the background.

As for Claire Reid, there cannot be a treat without her there.

The one-legged woman said that she came to the treat because dancing is one of her traits and she had to do some 'stepping' for the crowd.

"I have been coming here for over 10 years and I love it. The people here are so nice and they treat us so good. I have been dancing from mi inna belly so you know I have to come and show some moves," she said laughing.

Alcock said that each year the wellness section of the House has an elderly treat where they ensure that each person present gets a medical check-up.

In addition, the persons get to eat and enjoy themselves for the day.

She said that they also have a treat for the children, where they give them gifts and allow them to play and enjoy themselves.

She said that people in the Mark Lane community especially appreciate what they are doing and look forward to it every year.

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