Partying mom charged for leaving baby locked in car

December 22, 2018

A 32-year-old mother was this morning arrested after she abandoned her four-month old baby in a car and went to a party.

Police charged the mother, Joelle Clayton, unemployed of Sandhurst Crescent, Kingston 6, with child endangerment.

According to the police, the baby boy was found alone in a car along South Camp Road.

Reports are that a passerby saw the infant inside the vehicle crying and summoned the police.

The police, in trying locate the parents, used sound system at the Day Rave party that was being held inside Sabina Park to call for the parents to come forward.

The police also broke the vehicle window and rescued the infant. The child was medically examined and the vehicle towed.

Police said the mother was later located at the event and taken into custody. She was subsequently charged.

She was offered bail and is scheduled to appear before the Family Court on Tuesday, January 8.

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