THE STAR in review: Top 10 stories of 2018

December 31, 2018
Esroy 'Tattoo' Parkinis and his women, Anna-Kay Parnell, (right), 25, and Melisa Brown, 30. He was recently admitted to hospital with low blood count.
Shevon Edwards and his fiancee, Shanice Lewis, during happier times.
Embattled attorney-at-law Jennifer Messado, who has been hit with a raft of fraud charges in relation to clients' funds. A rash of complaints and formal charges against lawyers has triggered action from the GLC.
Sterling 'Ram Puss' Campbell says he has slept with more than 100 women.

Throughout 2018, THE STAR has kept readers informed about happening in the country, delivering accurate, incisive and exciting content each day. As the year draws to a close, here is a quick recap of some of the major stories we reported.


Gangsters use embalming fluid to kill

St James ended 2017 with a record 335 murders, that's 66 more than reported in 2016. The question on every body's lips was what is fuelling the madness in the tourist capital. On January 24, just a week after a State of Emergency was declared in St James, THE STAR pointed to shocking practise among criminals in St James a getting high on embalming fluid, which was said to be influencing the brazen manner in which they carry out crimes. The use of embalming fluids was in addition to these thugs indulging in devil-worshipping and engaging in blood sacrifices.

Village Ram retires at age 73

Who can forget the story of the 73-year-old village ram who has called it a day. Sterling Campbell, who is known in his West more land community of Max field as Ram Puss, said his days of womanising were "long and tiresome" and it is time for them to end. "I think my time come. Mi don't want to mash up nobody else love life," said Ram Puss, who claims to have slept with more than 100 women across 12 of Jamaica's 14 parishes.

The father of eight said he has lost track of the names of many of the women with whom he has slept. He said he is tired of breaking hearts and wrecking marriages.

Killer says bye while sinking in Rio Cobre

The murder of Deon Smith and her daughter, Jayshenel Gordon, in Rosemount, St James in September was among the crimes that rocked the nation in 2018. The man who committed the murder was Smith's common-law husband Fabian Lyewsang.

After committing the heinous crime, Lyewsang drove from St James to St Catherine where he committed suicide by driving into the Rio Cobre. Lyewsang's brother said he got the two phone calls from his younger sibling ,one to say he had committed murder and another to say goodbye while taking his own life.

According to Miguel*, the second call he got was short-lived, as he could hear the water gushing into the submerged vehicle before the call failed.

"A di water inna di background, sound like when a man a drive through flood and di water a splash up, a so mi a hear the water. Mi can distinctly remember the water. Every time mi lay down a it mi a hear," Miguel said.

Lawyer messes up herself at court - Attorney on fraud charges has smelly accident**

Embattled attorney Jennifer Messado has had a wretched year. She has been in and out of jail for fraud and has been struck from the roll of attorneys who can practise in Jamaica. She has a rather unfortunate accident on one of her appearances in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

The less said on that matter, the better.

Man blames hospital for fiancee's death

Shevon Edwards, a teacher at the St Jago High School, was busy planning his wedding with his fiancee, Shanice Lewis but had to shelved those plans and begin planning her funeral.

Lewis, who was a teacher at Eltham High School in St Catherine, passed away at the Spanish Town Hospital on April 10 after being admitted for stomach pains two days earlier.

Edwards believes that his fiancee died as a result of negligence on the part of the hospital.

Star Boy Tattoo has two 'wives'

At age 32, Esroy 'Tattoo' Parkins is living the life that many men can only dream of. He has three full-time women, two of whom live with him, and by all accounts, the relationship is an harmonious one.

For Parkins, who lives in the community of Friendship, which is located on the outskirts of the Retirement Dump, the only problem is getting Anna-Kay Parnell, 25, and Melisa Brown, 30, to walk down the aisle with him in marriage.

Jamaican men 'marry' in Portland

Two Jamaican men got 'married' in a lavish ceremony held at a hotel in Portland on July 28. The function was attended by close to 60 guests. Witness said that guests had to sign a document agreeing not to record any part of the event before they were escorted to their seats by ushers.

Woman tricks foreigner with fake belly 

High drama unfolded at a central Jamaica hospital in January , when a man visiting from overseas, went to the health institution to see his newborn baby and his babymother. However, the man received the shock of his life when it was revealed that the woman was never pregnant.

He was conned!

Jamaican penises among world's best - new survey 

Jamaican men have always prided themselves on the size of their penises and their sexual prowess. Well a new study from online data tracker TargetMap will raise their self esteem bar even higher because according to an article in the 'UK Sun', Jamaican men are ranked among the largest, measuring between 6.3 and seven inches, along with countries like Ghana and Nigeria. However, some females have argued that while Jamaican men are well endowed, they are not great love makers.

The debate continues.

Implant explodes in woman's butt

Debbian James was in search of the perfect figure when she forked out US$5,000 (J$667,761) for her butt implants. However, since then the experience has been nothing short of a nightmare, as her body is now deteriorating.

"Right now, this is the worst decision I have ever made in my life," James said.

In tears, James told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was very excited when she first got her new butt, as it allowed her to be very confident, something she was not capable of doing before.

She said that men began telling her that she was very sexy, and she got a lot of attention when she went out.

The new found attention became a nightmare for James, as only a year after doing the procedure, she started to experience unbearable pain in her lower back. She said that she thought it was only linked to her period, but it got worse over time.

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