What is your wish for your area in 2019?

January 02, 2019
Omar Ryan
Kevin Crossfield
Shanieka Francis
Reverend Devere Nugent
Carlton Thomas
Shanon Bowlyn


Shanieka Francis, St Ann:


"My wish for Jamaica is to see more discipline in the home and school, to see more security system in public spaces, in schools and homes as well. I think these kids are too exposed to the Internet, and, as a result, we have more crime and more scamming."


Kevin Crossfield, St Mary:


"I would love to see more cooperation from everyone people looking out for one another and the police out in their numbers to look out for the bad behaving people on the road. I would really love to see Jamaicans unite and everybody live and look out for one another."


Omar Ryan, St Thomas


The main thing I want to see in my parish is on two fronts: Firstly, I would want that we finally start seeing some progress in the road infrastructure of the parish to offer some hope to the people of this parish. Secondly, that the people of the parish would be more interested in governance and take charge of their communities through youth groups, community organisations, etc. I believe that we need to reach a place as a country where we value each other's life than no other time before. Also, that we specially look out for our women and children, as Jamaica has become a place where women and children are targeted, partly because they are weak.


The Reverend Devere Nugent, Trelawny:


"I wish that there will be a rigorous review on the holders of firearm licences, especially the younger ones. It is clear that some of these holders do not possess the temperament to make them holders of a firearm. Secondly, I would wish that the community will work together with the police to rid the parish of illegal guns."


Carlton Thomas, St James:


"For my parish of St James, in 2019, I want to see more peaceful communities, more skills training and employment opportunities for the younger people, improvements in the water supply and improvement of farm roads. For the town of Montego Bay, I want to see better garbage collection and aid for the mentally ill persons that are on the streets. I also want a reduction in cybercrime and better driving techniques by our drivers."


Shanon Bowlyn, Hanover:


"My wish for my parish of Hanover in 2019 is that I'd like to see better roads and proper infrastructure. I'd like to see proper running water, proper drains in the town of Lucea, more resources for young people who are not working. I wish we could get more tourists in our parish, so that our parish could be on the map. Some of our communities need street lights as well.

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