Hot mom hates her new body - 50-year-old claims surgery left her with scars, infections

January 07, 2019
Cecilia Harvey says the surgery she did in June 2018 left her with many scars and infections.
Cecilia Harvey (right) shows her scars, while her daughter, Tassiana Smith, looks on.
Cecilia Harvey points to one of her scars.


A mother and her daughter are considering legal action against a local plastic surgeon, claiming that operations he conducted left them with traumatic and unwanted results.

Cecilia Harvey, 50, was left with a 'rock bottom' after she claims that German board-certified double specialist Dr Jan Hochtritt did not fulfil his duties. She said that she has also been left to deal with complications seven months after a triple procedure to reconstruct her body. Harvey did a mini tummy tuck, liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) at a cost of US$7,000 (J$901,450).

Harvey chose these procedures as a gift to herself for her 50th birthday, which she celebrated in October last year.

The mother of two - a salon owner, originally from Jamaica, now living in Canada - said that she is on a quest for correction and compensation following the private procedure done in June.

"I was looking for a result where my stomach was going to be much flatter and get rid of all the excess baby fat, so I came to him (Dr Hochtritt) and he convinced me this is what was going to happen," Harvey told THE STAR.




She said that after returning to Canada, she developed seroma (build up of body fluids, including blood plasma), as well as dead fat and infections over a period of months, which required her to seek medical attention from doctors there to drain the fluid.

"Now I am scared to take off my clothes. I am single. I don't have a man right now, and I will never have a man because I am scared to take off my clothes. I'd rather have the big belly of fat from when I had my kid than having my skin like this," she said.

Harvey, who is no stranger to plastic surgery having done one after having her daughter, said that her experience with the doctor and his staff at the facility was not the best.

"I could feel him pulling on my skin (not actual pain) and was crying out: 'I don't want to do this anymore, I want to go to sleep'. When the anaesthesiologist explained that he would be sedating me through my back, he didn't give me another option," she said.

She continued: "You know like how you have a chicken and about to cut off the neck? That is how I was fluttering on the bed."

There are also complaints that the surgical facility was not equipped to provide the services.

Harvey's daughter, Tassiana Smith, said: "You just don't keep someone up for something that traumatic, and you know she is coming to surgery and would be staying over and had nothing to give her to eat when she woke."

Having signed forms to remove herself from the care of the facility because she had to return to Canada to tend to her business, Harvey left in 10 days, instead of the doctor's recommendation of two weeks.




When contacted, Hochtritt, who has been practising in Jamaica for two decades, explained that Harvey's complications were relatively mild and not uncommon.

"This has been a long, ongoing process from after the surgery, and then we had another discussion in October, where she complained that the doctors in Canada were not working fast enough or not doing the right thing," the doctor said.

He continued: "From that time, all of a sudden she informed me she would be here in January. The surgery was scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday, January 4. On physical examination (last Thursday), there were no signs of any seroma, bad scarring or infection. Nothing hinted at a complication when she came to me last week."

The doctor said that her main complaint was that she wanted to remove more fat.

Despite plans to 'fix' the issues, the surgery was called off, and both women are frustrated that they wasted money on travel and accommodation.

THE STAR understands that an argument ensued at the surgical facility last Friday, and the police had to be called.

"It (argument) was raised with the confusion between us not paying the full transportation fee (taxi fare), which amounted to J$5,500 because Dr Hochtritt had said he would cover that. When we got to the hotel Wednesday evening, we only had J$4,000 and explained to the taxi [driver] that we were told that they would take care of it," Smith said.

Although the surgery has been called off, Hochtritt explained that he did not offer to waive fees or treat complications for free out of feeling responsible for the results, but out of sympathy for the patient and wanting to avoid drama and maintain a good relationship with her.

"If there is a problem, I take care of my patients. I don't feel like I have to charge them, but when you see her before and after pictures you will agree that there was great improvement, and she is also sporting a nice butt. I could see there is work to do, but there is nothing that she could have expected, given the body she had before."

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