Mystery illness cripples siblings

January 08, 2019
File Sherrian Irving (left), Ann-Marie Douglas, a neighbour (centre), and Courtney Irving.
The Irving siblings relaxing at home.

The case of siblings Sherrian and Courtney Irving has puzzled the residents of Salt Spring in St James.

Sherrian 25, and Courtney, 24, were both healthy when they were younger but now both need help to walk.

"They were strong and healthy people and nobody knows what has happened to them. They can't move their legs and are forced to walk with a walker,” Sharon Hilton said of her niece and nephew. “It’s a sign, nobody knows what happen to them. Their father ... has three other children who are not experiencing any signs of physical disorder.”

The siblings want to become prosperous individuals, but their ability to achieve that is being overshadowed by their physical challenges.

The Irving siblings are appealing for help so that they can get the necessary physiotherapy.


“About three years ago, I came to visit my brother and noticed that he was not walking properly and within months, my legs started to give way. When I tried to walk, I found myself falling down. I had to be using sticks to keep my balance,” Sherrian said. “Mi think say them set ‘duppy’ on me. Mi can’t walk. If I tried to do it without the help of a walker I would drop on my face.”

It been two years since the siblings lost their ability to walk.

“It hard to be living like this knowing that we were once physically fit, where we went to schools and did social activities without walkers,” Sherrian told the WESTERN STAR.

“Now look at me, look at my brother; we need help. We were not born this way,” she said before she broke down in tears. “I cannot do the things I normally do for myself comfortably anymore. It is not fair. I cannot work or socialise with my friends. It appears that God is not hearing or listing to my cries for help.”

Sherrian, who has a two-year old son, said she is anxious to walk freely again so that she can care for him.

Courtney is equally eager to walk again and passionately expressed the need to provide life’s basic amenities for himself and his sister.

“I want to be able to walk freely again. I want to be able work so that I can live an independent life again," he said with stuttering lips.

A neighbour, Ann-Marie Douglas, is also pleading for them.

"I am asking anyone out there who can help to lend a hand to these two young people. We know them as healthy people, now they are unable to help themselves,” Douglas pleaded.

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