UPDATED: Cop on murder charge harassed by dead man's aunt

January 08, 2019

A judge in the St James Circuit Court yesterday issued a stern warning to a woman who is said to be harassing one of two policemen who are charged with the murder of her nephew.

High Court Justice Dale Palmer made the order while presiding over the case of constables Victor Mitchell and Andrew Hudson, who are charged in relation to the 2013 shooting death of Barrington McAnuff.




In bringing the issue to the judge's attention, Mitchell's attorney, Morrel Beckford, said that a relative of McAnuff's had hurled abusive language at Mitchell on numerous occasions, including while attending court. The relative in question was not present in court when the revelation was made.

"An aunt of the deceased (McAnuff) has, on several occasions, thrown abusive language at Mr Mitchell, including within the precincts of the court. Two weeks ago, she approached him and called him 'murdering police' and it caused a stir," Beckford complained.

It prompted a stern response from Justice Palmer. "This witness needs to understand that this matter is before the court. She needs to be directed not to have these encounters with these men." Hudson and Mitchell subsequently had their bails extended until March 25, when their trial is expected to begin.

The two policemen were arrested and charged by the Independent Commission of Investigations following the shooting death of McAnuff, who was killed at a restaurant in Lilliput, St James, during an alleged shootout on April 13, 2013.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The headline on this article has been modified. The aunt of the deceased is said to be the person who has been harassing the cop.

We regret the error.

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