Gov't slashes St Thomas road budget again

January 10, 2019
In this 2017 photo, police personnel are seen clearing the streets of Yallahs, St Thomas, of debris after residents protested road conditions in the area.


After first allocating $3.6 billion in this year's budget to begin work on the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project, the government has twice cut the budget, and is now projecting to spend only $490 million on it this year.

The Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project refers to the planned development of the stretch of road from Harbour View in St Andrew, through St Thomas, into Portland.

Some 16 kilometres of the road from Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge will be widened to accommodate four lanes of traffic.

Major rehabilitation work has been planned for 93 kilometres of main road from Yallahs Bridge to Port Antonio and 27.5 kilometres of main road from Morant Bay to Cedar Valley.

The government first cut $1.4 billion from the project last September, and is proposing to remove another $1.7 billion from the project before the fiscal year ends in March.

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