Big butts in high demand - Foreign-based plastic surgery facility to open in Jamaica

January 11, 2019
Shauna Chyn
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Shauna Chyn

Days after announcing that it would be setting up shop in Jamaica, cosmetic surgery company, Designer Body's, says it is expecting a rush on its offices based on the level of interest Jamaican women have been showing in having their bodies made over.

"We are surprised by all the excitement since we announced that we will be opening an office in Jamaica," said Michelle Garcia, a representative from Designer Body's.

Garcia said that they offer many services but most of their customers are interested in their 'Mommy Make Over' package, which includes breast work, tummy tuck, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift.

Designer Body's, which currently has an office in the Dominican Republic, is set to open its Jamaica office by April.

"We have gained popularity over the past five years, and I think that working with celebrities has brought awareness to us. We believe that through surgery, you can be a happier, more confident version of yourself. We are living in our bodies for a lifetime, so it's only right we want to look nice," Garcia said.


Perfect figure


Plastic surgeon Dr Jan Hochtritt, a German board-certified specialist who has a practice in Kingston, said that he is not surprised that a company that offers body makeovers is about to set up shop in Jamaica.

Pointing out that there are about five plastic surgeons operating in Jamaica, Hochtritt said that an increasing number of women are seeking the perfect figure. He also said that the cost of plastic surgery in Jamaica is sometimes more affordable than in countries like the United States and Canada. Therefore, a lot of persons come here to get their bodies done.

"There is a strong demand in Jamaica," Hochtritt said, adding that the crave for designer bodies is being fuelled by a desire to look like persons such as Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj.

"It is a trend right now. I think that Jamaicans overall always like more voluptuous bodies. They used to take the fowl pills that was basically a hormone, and now there is the surgery. In my own practice, there is definitely an increase in demand, especially for butts," Hochtritt said.

Hochtritt said that he is not worried about the competition that will come when Designer Body's opens its Jamaican branch. He said that he hopes that the persons who are going to be doing the procedures are certified plastic surgeons.


Really exceptional


"I welcome colleague plastic surgeons in Jamaica because we are not very many. What I would want to know is that they are in fact plastic surgeons, they are board certified, and that they are not just doctors who do aesthetic surgery and call themselves plastic surgeons," he said.

"If they are proper plastic surgeons, I have no problem with that."

Recording artiste Shauna Chyn said that she is very excited and that Designer Body's has decided to come to Jamaica.

"It is really exceptional because it's not like they have any faults. They have worked with multiple celebrities, and they haven't had any complaints because you know we woulda start bawl out already," she said.

Chyn, who recently got a makeover from Designer Body's, claims that there are not many surgical facilities in Jamaica that are able to do the quality of work that Designer Body's offers.

"All a the female dem can start save up dem money from now," she said.

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