'I feel your pain' - St James dad who got back his newborn prays Kingston couple will find their baby

January 11, 2019
Walton Evans thanked the Lord after his baby was found.
Suzett Whyte, mother of the newborn who was abducted from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston last Wednesday.
Sinclair Hutton, father of the missing child.

Walton Evans, the St James man who was lucky to be reunited with his newborn, says he is praying that the parents whose baby was stolen at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston will find their baby.

"That gentleman in Kingston who lost his baby, mi feel it for him. When me see it on the news, tears come a mi eye," Evans said.

A Kingston couple, Suzette Whyte and Sinclair Hutton, had their world turned upside down after their baby, a boy, was stolen nine hours after he was born at the Jubilee Hospital.

Hospital administrators suspect that the child snatcher breached security and stayed on the maternity ward of the hospital until the wee hours of Wednesday morning before stealing the child.

"Dem deh someting just can't gwane like that in di country," said Evans.

Evans, 41, and Latoya White 34, the parents of three-week-old Vernesha Evans, spent last week on tenterhooks after their baby was snatched from White at the Cornwall Regional Hospital last Friday. The baby was found at a home in Norwood, St James, on Sunday.

The police have since charges Melissa Harriot, 26, unemployed of Greens, Paradise Norwood, St James, and a St Ann address, with child-stealing.

"She fi go a prison fi it man so she can learn some sense," Evans said, as he reacted to news that charges have been laid against Harriot.

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