Alleged 'mad man' in custody for six years


January 15, 2019

The St James Parish Court has ordered subpoenas for the complainant and the investigating officer in the case of a mentally ill man who has been languishing in police custody for six years on an assault charge without being able to enter a plea.

Presiding judge Kacia Grant made the order in relation to the case of Shavorn Reid, who came before the court last Wednesday.

Reid was arrested and placed in custody in 2013 following reports that he had attacked his sister.

However, it is understood that he has never been found fit to plea despite numerous trips to court over the years.

During his latest court visit, Reid complained about how long he has been in custody, while other persons have had their cases dealt with.

"A since 2013 mi deh ya. Six years mi deh pon cold concrete. Over a million people me see come and gone a dem yard," Reid told the court. "Mi nuh have a clue when mi a go a mi yard. A dead mi a go dead."

The prosecution then informed Grant that the complainant had indicated that she was not interested in pursuing the case any further.

However, it was also disclosed that no family member was willing to take responsibility for Reid.

"We need the complainant here, and we need someone to ensure that he (Reid) will take his medication," Grant said.

Reid was subsequently remanded in custody until March 4, at which time the complainant and the investigating officer are expected to be before the court.

- C.T.

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