Parchment wants more female beekeepers

January 16, 2019
Patricia Parchment

Patricia Parchment, a recipient of the Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Taskforce's initial Investor Circle micro grants, says she intends to venture into commercial beekeeping.

Parchment, who is currently involved in the harvesting and bottling of honey, as well as the manufacturing of lotions and hair oils, is looking to get into large-scale queen bee and beeswax production.

As president of the Westmoreland Bee Farmers Association, she wants to get more farmers involved in beekeeping as well as assist with the development of youth in agriculture.




"My hope is for the bee industry to be taken seriously, as it is a very lucrative industry," she says.

A 2009 agriculture and fisheries survey showed that of 1,202 registered Jamaican beekeepers, only 137 were females.

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