St Bess steps up mosquito fight

January 16, 2019

Vector control coordinator at the St Elizabeth Health Department, Michael Myles, says the Vector Control Unit has ramped up activities to destroy mosquito breeding sites and to educate residents in the parish about the Aedes-aegypti mosquito.

Myles said the department has intensified its health education campaign in communities across the parish, especially those that are high risk, by way of youth clubs, churches and other community-based organisations.

"We are also monitoring all town centres and markets in the parish and have carried out larvicidal activities, which destroy mosquito larvae; and adulticidal activities, which is the fogging of an area to kill adult mosquitoes in the parish's townships," he said.

He also noted that plans are in place to engage schools and businesses to aid in the dissemination of health education material regarding vector control.

Myles pointed out that once the department receives notification of any suspected cases of dengue, "these are investigated in a timely manner, and the necessary actions are taken by our workers to destroy breeding sites in the communities from which those persons originate".

He added that tyre shops and garages in the parish are being heavily monitored to ensure that there are no mosquitobreeding sites.

"These areas are being monitored weekly to ensure that tyres are removed, because they are suitable breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito," Myles said.

He assured that the unit is determined to destroy as many breeding sites as possible, even going as far as helping residents to secure their water supply by distributing water drum covers to residents.

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