‘CATCH A FIRE' ... Bob Marley's 74th birthday celebrations pays homage to 1973 album

January 28, 2019

The Bob Marley Foundation, in partnership with Digicel and Alacran Foundation, will be celebrating Bob Marley's 74th  birthday under the theme ‘CATCH A FIRE'.

The theme pays tribute to the 1973 critically acclaimed album,which propelled Bob Marley and the Wailers to international stardom and arguably ignited the world’s love for Reggae.  
“There is no doubt that my father’s music played an important role in placing Reggae and Jamaica on the world stage. Championing love while fighting against oppression and injustice through music was my father’s passion,” said Cedella Marley, CEO of the Bob Marley Group of Companies.

“The potent lyrics in my father’s message, even today, still reverberates throughout the world. Our 2019 theme, Catch a Fire, encourages everyone to find their passion and fearlessly pursue it with such intensity that it positively impacts the world.”

 Reggae music, the genre that originated in Jamaica, on Thursday secured a coveted spot on the United Nations’ list of global cultural treasure.

UNESCO  last year added reggae to its collection of “intangible cultural heritage” deemed worthy of protection and promotion. UNESCO noted that while reggae started out as “the voice of the marginalised” it was “now played and embraced by a wide cross-section of society, including various genders, ethnic and religious groups.”

Its “contribution to international discourse on issues of injustice, resistance, love and humanity underscores the dynamics of the element as being at once cerebral, socio-political, sensual and spiritual,” the Paris-based UNESCO added.

Meanwhile, the annual Bob Marley ‘earth strong’ celebrations will take place on Tuesday, February 6 at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. The activities will commence at 7:00 a.m. with specially invited guests and will include the blowing of the Abeng, cultural drumming and the cutting of the birthday cake, accompanied by the traditional welcome from the Marley family and highlights of the Bob Marley Foundation’s 2018 projects.

This segment will also feature special performances from various schools within the corporate area including Charlie Smith High, St. Andrew Preparatory, Mona High School, Merl Grove High, Papine High, Haile Selassie High, King’s Gate Preparatory, Liguanea Preparatory School, Holy Trinity High and the University Chorale.

The Reggae Jam session will feature rising stars such as Koffee, Naomi Cowan, Vanessa Bongo, 5 Star, and Notis Heavyweight Rockaz. Other top reggae acts will include Bongo Herman, Agent Sasco, Vershon, Iba Mahr and Richie Spice.



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