Bull Bay residents feel like prisoners in their community

February 04, 2019
Bull Bay, which spans the border between St Andrew and St Thomas, has become a hotbed of criminal activities.

With bullets being traded between warring factions in Bull Bay, St Andrew, residents in the affected communities are hoping that increased security presence in the area will give them an opportunity to exhale.

“It is like me inna a big prison or something,” one woman said of the dire situation around her.

More than a dozen persons have been slaughtered in Bull Bay and several houses razed since warfare exploded in the area a few months ago. So bad is the situation that the Jamaica Defence Force moved into the community last week to help bring a sense of calm to the area.

But even so, residents are afraid to appear on camera, and they even shy away from providing their names during interviews. One of the persons with whom THE STAR spoke lamented the extent to which a wedge has been driven between the communities from which the warring factions spring.

“Mi nuh see nuh big man a fight war ‘bout ya. Di youth dem want something to do. The minds of the young people need some reasoning, ‘cause weh dem mind deh now is not a good head space. Look at what it’s doing to the community,”another resident told THE STAR.

A male resident said: “Something is wrong, you can’t walk in peace. Youths from over here can’t go Nine Mile go tek bus, ‘cause if somebody see dem is a problem.”

The violence in Bull Bay has forced staff at a post office and clinic in the community to start working later than usual in the mornings and to close their doors before nightfall.

In addition, the Bull Bay main road has also been reduced to a deserted stretch as most people stay indoors rather than venturing to the many bars and shops that were once popular, cool-out spots, particularly for the unemployed.

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