I’m no hero - Brave cop says he was just doing his job at Grants Pen fire scene

February 06, 2019
Detective Constable Craig Davis of the Grants Pen Police Station was instrumental in controlling the fire which took place in the community of Belgium last Thursday.

The night of Thursday, January 31 will forever be etched in the mind of Detective Constable Craig Davis, who risked his life trying to save the lives of the twins who perished in a fire in Grants Pen, St Andrew.

Twins Nahelia and Nahalia Pinnock unfortunately perished in the blaze.

But when the STAR visited the community, many persons still sang praises at the swift action by the lawman.

But Davis said that people should not hail him as a hero because he was only doing his job, which is to serve and protect the community.

“I must say for a situation like that, training is never enough. It was my adrenaline, my training and my drive to do what I could do to not stop until it was over. I wasn’t thinking about myself at the time, in terms of whether or not the fire was going to kill me; I was just thinking that two babies are inside there, somebody has to do something to reach inside there. But it was not to be,” he said.

Heavy burden to bear

He said that from his training and local knowledge, he knew that dirt, water or foam put out fire. And, as such, “I decided that water was available, let us try and go inside this house and save these children. When the water ran out, I asked for dirt. The fire was so hot but I had to do what I had to do. I have no regrets in that regard,” he said.

Davis said what he experienced that day is not something he would wish on anyone. He said that for a family to lose two babies in such a tragic manner is a heavy burden to bear.

“That is never an experience I wanted to experience again because for the loss of two innocent babies, no matter how strong you are, your heart cannot withstand that. This was a learning experience and it was an experience where if I ever need to do it again, as hard as it is, I would,” he said.

Davis remembers the twins as persons who were always smiling and having fun, and were very polite.

He said as much as the spotlight has been put on him, it needs to be deflected to the community members. He said that with their help, the fire was able to be contained to a certain degree while they waited on the firefighters.

He said that he is proud of the community members because even though they had their differences, they came together for a cause that was greater than their conflict.

“I must congratulate the community members for the amount of work they had put in. When the alarm was made about the fire, the crowd started to gather and the young men especially, they all chipped in and they gave me the buckets with the water, and a so dem give mi, a so mi throw it [on the house]. We kept doing that to minimise the damage as best as possible until the fire services got there because if it wasn’t for their efforts, the fire would have gotten much bigger and destroyed many more houses,” he said.

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