Obeah men losing clients to Indian philosophers

February 08, 2019
Obeah man Ronnie.
File Obeah man Ronnie.

At least one Jamaican obeah man is taking issue with the recent influx of Indian 'philosophers' on the island. Ronnie, an obeah man from Bog Walk, St Catherine, who has been practising his craft for more than 40 years, said he is concerned that the Indians are tricking Jamaicans.

"Some a dem come and some a dem tell lie. Mi know somebody guh a one a dem and dem ginal dem and tek weh $100,000 from dem and dem nuh get tru. And if dat somebody did come to me, mi wudda look afta dem and dem alright," he said.

According to Ronnie, some obeah men have been losing clients to the Indians.

"People love di Indian more dan me, dem a stranger come inna the place. People wi guh a dem and who bawn here, dem doah come a yuh," he said.

"Mi get my power from God, but some a dem a read book fi get dem power," he said. He added that he has helped all people with various problems over the years, sometimes without getting paid.

"All kinda people come to mi, church people, people wid complaints, and everybody come to mi, dem get tru. Some a dem come and dem nuh have dem money, and mi look afta dem same way. Mi nuh mek dem guh back home, mi help dem same way," he said.

Ronnie warned that people should not believe the Indians are legitimate, just because they advertise on television.

"Some a dem doah know nothing, dem just tell the people dem lie, dem just come out and rob people and tek dem money and gone. Dem come inna di country come du bare foolishness," he said.

It is for this reason that Ronnie wants the Government to intervene.

"The Government must stop dem from come inna di country cause dem a come rob people," he said.

'Mi know somebody guh a one a dem and dem ginal dem and tek weh $100,000 from dem and dem doah get tru.'

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