Blind family gets assistance

February 12, 2019
Representatives from Alorica Call Centre, in Kingston, present a television set, a mattress, and boxes of food and toiletries to Viris Lynch and her three blind daughters in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, last Sunday.

While she and her three daughters, who are all blind, will not be able to watch it, a television set was among the items donated to the family of Viris Lynch last Sunday by representatives of the Kingston-based Alorica Call Centre.

“I know I won’t be able to watch the television but I can listen to the news and even to a movie,” said 61-year-old Lynch, of Crowder district in Grange Hill, Westmoreland. “Besides that, mi grandchildren will have it to watch.”

In addition to the television, the family was presented with a mattress, several boxes of food items and toiletries.

“I am so happy, I am so happy,” Lynch told the WESTERN STAR, which recently highlighted the unusual situation with her three daughters and herself.

“My dreams are coming through and I can now sleep more comfortable, and mi and my daughters can listen to the news or even a movie.”

Chrysta Solomon, operations manager at Alorica Call Centre, told the WESTERN STAR that her company was quite happy to be able to come to the assistance of the family.

Immediately contacted

“I learnt about the family of blind women while I was reading a copy of the WESTERN STAR online, and I immediately contacted my team and our agents,” said Solomon. “I said ‘Guys, this is something that we must do’. We read their story and learned of their needs and today (Sunday), over 25 of us have travelled from Kingston to make this presentation.”

Based on information provided by the family, they started to go blind in 2008 when the youngest daughter, Vanessa Baker, who was 14 at the time, lost her sight.

Throughout Vanessa’s ordeal, her elder sisters Shanelle and Veneisha provided her with all the support she needed.

According to her, her sisters were her hands, eyes, and feet.

But, just when the family was adjusting to life with one of its members being blind, fate delivered a terrible triple blow in a nine-year span as Shanelle, Veneisha, and Lynch also became blind, leaving only Derrick Baker, the man of the house, as the only adult with sight.

The oldest daughter, 29-year-old Shanelle, who lost her sight in 2015, was told that her family was suffering from a rare case of glaucoma.

In 2016, the mother became blind and shortly after in 2017, 27-year-old Veneisha also lost her sight.

With his wife and children blind, Baker is now the sole breadwinner. He currently operates his motorcycle as a taxi to provide for his family.

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