Flower Hill residents cry for water

February 12, 2019
The water tank in Flower Hill, St James.

Residents of Flower Hill in Montego Bay, St James, say they have reached a point of frustration due to the lack of potable water in the community.

Lorna Warren-Reid, who has made Flower Hill her home for more than 20 years, described the situation as a crisis.

“Residents are getting frustrated, people are even thinking of moving out of the community,” Warren-Reid told WESTERN STAR. “We need the Water Commission and the political leaders to do something to alleviate the water problem.”

According to Warren-Reid, the community has been affected by poor water supplies for a very long time.

“As old as the Flower Hill community is, that has been the period in which residents has been having problems with potable water. I am living here for the past 27 years, and from I came here the lack of potable water has been a stressing challenge,” she said.

Residents last May combined efforts to clean a water tank in the community in the hope that their water woes would be alleviated.

“We clean out the tank, we clean up the perimeter around the tank, and they said they are going to put water in it. All now we can’t see any water,” a male resident said.


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