Human skeleton found in manhole

February 12, 2019
Police and curious residents look on as investigators process the area where the skeleton was found.

A child, who was playing on the compound of an abandoned basic school near the SOS Children’s Village in Barrett Town, St James, on Sunday, got the shock of his life when he stumbled upon a human skeleton inside a manhole in an isolated area.

“We know it is a human skeleton because it has bits and pieces of clothes on it,” a resident told the WESTERN STAR yesterday. “It looks very much like either a child or an adult that was quite small in stature.”

Frightened child

According to reports from residents, shortly after 5 p.m., the child was playing when, on approaching the manhole, he saw the skeletal remains. The frightened child rushed home and told members of her family what he had seen.

The family immediately raised an alarm and along with other residents went to the location to ascertain if the child’s story was true.

The residents promptly alerted the Barrett Town police and investigators were dispatched to the location just before nightfall.

With night closing in, police secured the location and returned yesterday morning to remove the remains..

The WESTERN STAR team was on location when the police returned to retrieve the skeleton yesterday under the gaze of curious residents, who had turned out in large numbers to see what was happening.

When the skeleton was removed, the lawmen made an early determination that it was a male. The bits and pieces of clothing turned out to be a red T-shirt and jeans pants.

“This is a mystery because we don’t know of any person in this community going missing so the big question is, whose skeleton it is and where it come from,” said a resident.

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