Job hunters conned out of $117,000

February 12, 2019

The St James Parish Court has made a restorative justice order for a St Catherine man who reportedly conned two persons into paying him $117,000 to get them jobs at the Ministry of Health in 2017.

Parish judge Sandria Wong-Small made the order in the case against 25-year-old Bryan Payne when he appeared in court last Wednesday.

Allegations are that in September 2017, one of the complainants made an arrangement with Payne for him to get her a job at the Ministry of Health. The complainant then told her friend, the second complainant, who also entered into a similar arrangement with Payne.

Both complainants paid a combined sum of $117,000 to Payne in order for him to secure the jobs for them, but Payne failed to deliver on his promises. The two complainants subsequently made a report to the police, and Payne was arrested and charged.

In court on Wednesday, the prosecution told Wong-Small that a date had been set for the complainants to attend restorative justice sessions with Payne to settle the matter out of court. Subsequently, Wong-Small set the case for mention on April 18.

"A restorative justice order is made, and the matter is set for mention again on April 18. If you come up with something there according to how this matter is to be dealt with, the court will honour the agreement," Wong-Small told Payne and the complainants before allowing them to leave.

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