Stone man lands on tough times

February 12, 2019
Archibald Hawkins of Flower Hill in St James showing off his works of art.
Archibald Hawkins’ house in Flower Hill, St James.

Archibald Hawkins of Flower Hill in St James is a self-taught landscaper. His works of art are laden throughout his yard space for all passersby to see. They range from a simple wall to more intricate designs such as tables, chairs, and more.

The pieces are made from thousands of individual rocks which were compacted neatly without support or reinforcement.

“Mi start do this thing when P.J. Patterson was the prime minister and is about three years now since mi finish everything,” the 79-year-old farmer told Western Star.

“I gather stone from the community and build the wall first. I had no understanding about them yah thing before. One Friday, mi deh yah and mi reap some tobacco. Mi never have no money at all. Mi have two foot a tobacco and mi go a road and sell it. Mi use the money and buy some herb, rizzla, and lighter and come in the house and make a spliff. Mi go a the doorway and light it and make one big draw and leggo the smoke, and same time me see the image start come right before mi eyes,” he said.

Hawkins said that this was the motivation he needed to further nurture his talent and create even more stone designs.

“People come and admire it and a say it sell off. They like the designs. I don’t use no cement. If rain fall, or anything, them stand up steady same way, nah mash up,” said Hawkins.

The elder lives alone in a small two-room board dwelling, which he once shared with his now-deceased mother. Unfortunately, the structure has seen better days, with huge chunks of the flooring, sides, and roofing missing.

Hakwins has no kids or immediate family members, and no one to help him with his troubles. He worries whenever its rains and has to face the heat during the day and the cold air at night-time.

“I would really want some help with the house because a me one and mi no have nobody to turn to,” he said, solemnly.


Persons who wish to contact Hawkins can do so at 876-507-6996.

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