Trelawny man fined $10,000 for smoking

February 12, 2019

A Trelawny man found himself $10,000 poorer and got a stern lecture on the dangers of second-hand cigarette smoking after he appeared in the Trelawny Parish Court in Falmouth on Wednesday, February 6, for smoking in public.

Roberto Pinnado, of a Falmouth address, pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge of smoking in a public place when he appeared before presiding judge Ruth Lawrence.

The court was told that on January 25, at 12:45 p.m., police officers were conducting patrol duties in Falmouth when they saw Pinnado sitting on a Heineken crate along Cornwall Street, smoking a Craven A cigarette.

Pinnado was accosted by the police, and when cautioned, he said, "Officer, a taxi mi run, beg you a chance." He was then arrested and charged.

In his explanation, Pinnado told judge Lawrence that he was by himself at the time of his arrest.

"I'm guilty with explanation. I sat down on a crate by myself," said Pinnado.

"Yes, but you're in a public place. There's second-hand smoke, and when you smoke and blow it all over the place, you can kill somebody," Lawrence scolded him. "You'll pay $10,000 or spend 10 days in jail," the judge added.

"I only have $5,000," Pinnado answered.

"Oh, no, sir, no, no, no. It's $10,000," Lawrence rebutted.

The case was then momentarily stood down to allow Pinnado to get the outstanding balance. He was eventually able to pay the full $10,000 and allowed to leave the courtroom.

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