Dispute between man and girlfriend ends in murder-suicide

February 15, 2019
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

A former nightclub operator shot and killed his girlfriend with his licenced firearm on Friday afternoon, before turning the weapon on himself in Flamstead Gardens near Spring Mount, St James.
The man, identified as Junior Fabian Wint, and his girlfriend, known only as Wendy, recently moved to Flamstead Gardens.
It is alleged that they had just ended an argument, allegedly over the female attending a funeral.
The woman reportedly left the house, but was chased by Wint, who shot her in the head before killing himself. 
"Mi hear when the man seh: 'Yuh nah go a no funeral! Not over mi dead body'," one Spring Mount resident told THE STAR.
"Mi shock when mi see the man pull out the gun and fire one shot inna the woman head, and then him put the gun to him mouth and fire another round killing himself," the resident added.
The St James police have not yet released any information on the murder-suicide.

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