Woman living in hut begs for help

February 15, 2019
Clinton exiting her home thorugh a hole in the wall.
Maxine Clinton
Clinton peeks through her 'door'

It is almost impossible for two persons to fit inside Maxine Clinton’s little home in Grange Hill, Westmoreland.

The 40-year-old woman said that she is pleading for assistance to replace the hut that she currently shares with a host of rodents.

“Mi live in a one likkle house weh not even me can hold inna. Mi and one a mi fren can’t hold in it. Mi live beside one river, so bull frog, tadpole and rat woulda kill mi off in deh. Mi nuh have no electricity, and mi nuh have no furniture or anything. Is me nail up a little bed, and it nuh ramp to pop down. The place rotten down, and nuff time me have to a say: ‘Come out bull frog. Come out rat,” she said.

The entrance to the woman’s dwelling is a hole in the wall. She also showed THE WEEKEND STAR how she forces her body through the hole to get in and out of the cramped space. Moving around also proves to be a task for Clinton, as she has to stoop so that she doesn’t bump her head in the ceiling.

Life changed drastically

According to Clinton, she lived a normal life until a friend encouraged her to do drugs, and her life changed drastically since her first snort.

“Mi feel shame to talk bout it, and mi try put it behind me sometimes. But years ago one a mi friend carry mi go a one place and tell mi to sniff something and smoke it too after she do it. Mi nah tell nuh lie, me get crazy after that. Mi did like it at times, but mi glad to know say a years now mi nuh look dat direction. But it mash up mi life. Mi wouldn’t advise no one to fool round it because all mi looks the drugs take weh,” she said.

Clinton said that although she no longer takes drugs, she is still being haunted by its demons.

“Sometimes mi head just get sick, and mi all find miself a walk naked and hear people a call mi mad woman. But mi thank God mi stop do that. Doctor put mi on medication now, so every month mi go for it at the health centre,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“Mi was a nice girl when mi did a grow, and now mi find miself a walk up and down and a eat outta every garbage. Nobody nuh check for me and nothing nah gwaan. Mi sick, and mi just a walk all over the place a pick up old clothes and food weh people dash weh. Mi nuh wah live like this, so mi just a beg unuh to help mi please,” she said.

“I tried to look work, but it nuh work out, and mi never born to have children. Mi is not a lazy woman, so mi woulda take work if mi get it. Me nah go back to a life of drugs either. Mi still young so mi know me can make a complete change. Mi just need the help and would wah someone help mi build a good room,” she said.

Clinton has been receiving assistance from a Good Samaritan, Susan, who had highlighted her ordeal through a video she posted on social media. Persons wishing to assist Clinton may contact Susan at 876-889-2572.




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