‘There is no other place I would live’

February 19, 2019
Logwood in Western Hanover.

Justice of the peace and school principal Joyce Smith says that despite these periods of gun violence in the area, she would never trade Logwood, the place of her birth, for anywhere else.

“I don’t see anywhere that I would live rather than here in Logwood, despite some of the challenges we have,” Smith told theWESTERN STAR.

Logwood, which falls in the Green Island police area, has been struggling to shake off an ugly image since gun violence took root in the community in the past few years. Residents are of the view that their crime problems are due largely to the increasing number of strange men who found refuge in their community from other parishes.

“Some of the challenges for me is the shootings, last year we had a few deaths that could be avoided. I am not sure of the cause but the development of it was not nice. This is one of the things that puts a grey area on the community,” said Smith.

According to Smith, “Logwood is a fairly good community, one that I know for sure that when persons from other communities come here to visit friends and family they don’t want to go back because of the loving and corporative people living here.”

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