Love at first sight - Couple celebrates 54th anniversary today

February 20, 2019
Heron Williams lovingly ties a rose to the hair of his wife Beatrice.
A rose for my rose, and a ‘chuups’ for my love. Heron and Beatrice Williams celebrate 54 years of marriage today.

The warm smiles of Beatrice and Heron Williams greeted us as we walked to their verandah in Walkers Hill, rural St Andrew.

Today marks 54 years since they have been married and the couple said it has been nothing but joy.

According to Heron, 78, he would not change a thing, because everything is just the way it should be.

He remembered the first time that he saw Beatrice, and called it love at first sight. Even though marriage was not on his mind, he saw her as a person he needed to have in his life.

They became friends and it was not long after that he got the courage to propose.

“I remember that day as if it was yesterday. We did not know each other for long but we started to talk as friends, and then we grew to love each other. I remember asking her if she would marry me and she said that she will think about,” he said.

Beatrice, 74, was only 20 at the time, and said she was not sure what to do because she did not see herself as being ready for marriage.

A virgin and a Christian, she took some time to think about it but soon after, she got the courage to tell him yes and she said it was one of the best decisions she has made.


She admitted that things have not all been a bed of roses, but even before they got married, they learned that trust, love and respect were key factors for a marriage to survive.

“I can remember when we had our first child and I lived in a tenement yard. I did not have anything to cook and I put on the pot on the stove and take up the utensils and make noise in the kitchen as if I was cooking, but I had nothing. Thank God for the neighbours that I had that would help out sometimes,” Beatrice laughed.

Heron said they have prided themselves on being good Christians and setting examples for not only their four children but for others to see.

Now a minister of the Christian Faith Missionary Church at Waltham Park Road, St Andrew, Heron boasts that they have never argued to the extent where they disrespected each other; the couple knows how to handle personal matters at home and to put God first.


“When we celebrated our 50th anniversary, the way our children spoke made me cry, because they said they have never heard us argue and that is what we wanted. We didn’t want our problems to affect them. I am not a fussing person and the neighbours can tell you they have never heard us quarrel because if it’s getting out of control, I stop talking. When I stop talk, she stop talk,” he said.

Like any other couple, the Williams said they had a breaking point but through prayer and dialogue, they persevered.

“I am a Christian so I always encourage people that if they are having problems in their marriage, they should seek counselling before carrying their business out in the streets. A lot of people are getting married and nothing is wrong with that but before you say ‘I do’, ensure that you are ready for the next step. Ensure that you are ready to be married because it is not easy but it is worth it,” he said.

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