She was their ‘Blessing’ - Cross Primary student survived in womb after mother was attacked, father murdered

February 20, 2019
Isolyn Morgan, grandmother of 11-year-old Aldrianna Rowe, is overcome with grief.
Eleven-year-old Aldrianna Rowe died after being hit down by a motor vehicle in Clarendon on Monday.

She was christened Aldrianna Rowe but everyone called her ‘Blessing’. Having heard the name, her grade six teacher’s curiousity got the better of her and she asked her why she had that name. Rowe was only too happy to oblige as she immediately shared the story with her.

“‘Miss, when my mom was pregnant with me, gunmen came and opened fire. Daddy was killed, mommy was down. Everybody thought she was dead, but then they found out that she wasn’t, and she was pregnant with me, and so when I was born, they called me Blessing’.”

That is the story that Rowe told to her teacher, Alecia Timoll Edwards.

Rowe was struck down by a truck Monday evening at the entrance to Savannah Cross on the Bustamante Highway as she tried to cross the road.

Isolyn Morgan, grandmother of the 11-year-old, is a broken woman.

“Mi son dead. Gunman kill him inna 2010 and him left him baby fi mi tek care a har. She come inna mi hand like a likkle parcel. Suh mi have har till she a 11-year-old now,” she cried.

The child’s mother, Diana Sparkle, sat inches away, tears streaming down her face, being consoled by friends. She was too shaken to utter a word.

Last night, Sunday night, she dung a mi house late and she sey, ‘grandma, mi want some a yuh chicken’, and mi sey to har, di chicken inna di fridge so tomorrow she wi get the chicken when she come from school,” Morgan said.

“Oh God she nuh come back fi get di chicken!”

Morgan said Aldrianna was everything to her. She said she took her granddaughter with her everywhere she went.

“How mi a guh live? Mi not gwine live it out, mi caan live it out,” she said.

Meanwhile, back at Cross Primary, Aldrianna’s teacher said she was a fun child who loved to singer. According to her teacher, Blessing could be seen “all over the place” in little groups singing.

In fact, young Rowe had her own YouTube channel under her name where she posted videos of herself singing and other clips.

“She is always like that. My last memory of her is that she came yesterday and she came with chips yesterday and said ‘miss you want some’?” Edwards said.

Describing Aldrianna as a “very very nice child” who always has a smile, Edwards said the death of her young student is a hard blow to deal with.

“We are just trying to get a grip of things. The students came in this morning crying, some still don’t even understand what happened,” she said, sharing that counsellors were on hand to talk to the children.

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