American woman refuses to do housework

February 21, 2019

Dis couple live togeda a Florida. Di two a dem black, but di man a Jamaican an di woman is African-American. Di woman work inna di corporate world an di man have a office a dem house weh him work fram.

Now, di prablem is di woman eva a get upset wen she come home fram work an di house is not how she lef it. More dan anyting, she always get mad wen har man lef dirty dishes an utensils inna di kitchen sink. Him wi also lef him clothes all bout inna di house an she nuh like dat. She also hate it dat him always a wait pon har fi do fi him laundry.

Afta a few years of di same ting ova an ova, wah day she flip-up an get mad pon him an staat scream an cuss him out wicked! Har main cussing point is dat she nuh suppose to goh work all day an come home an still haffi a do domestic work, wen him did inna di house whole day.

Di man respond wid di same argument weh him usually use - dat him won't mind doing more if she pay more a di bills. Yeah...a him pay di mortgage fi dem house, a him buy an a pay fi har car, di credit card weh she use do har personal clothes shopping, a him pay di bill every month, a him pay insurance fi dem house an har car, him all pay all utility bills, including electricity, cable and water. Yeah....him pay every striking bill inna dem house.


On top a dat, is not like him nuh do nuttin roun di house. Dem have a helleva lawn an a him always cut it. Wen dem repainted dem rooms a him do all a it, a him always carry out all garbage, wen dem roof drainage did bruk a him did fix it, a him always change di oil inna har car an wash an detail it an keep it clean, a him tek care a all maintenance associated wid it, him do a whole heap a tings roun di house weh most Jamaicans woulda say, yeah, a di man fi do dem work deh.

But all a dat still nuh satisfy Ms Lady.

Di man argument is dat in every relationship dere is a form of division of labour, where di man is responsible fi certain work an di woman have fi har share. Him say him neva once complain wen she break tings, or wen she save fi har money an nuh spen none a it pon dem house, none a it inna dem relationship, an not even spen har owna money pon har self. Him say him jus man-up an tek care a wa him supposed to as a man.

Him say she love fi say dat where she comes fram - a southern state in the US - its natural fi di man tek care a everything fi do wid money. A soh now him respond dat weh him come fram, its natural fi di woman tek care a everyting fi do wid cleaning in di house.

Di woman busy a mek preparations fi dem get married, while him say him busy a mek preparations fi lef har fi a Jamaican woman.

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