Bartlett projects 41,000 new tourism jobs in three years

February 22, 2019
Contributed Bartlett

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett is projecting that the tourism sector will provide 41,000 new jobs in the next three years.

Bartlett said that with the continued growth in the sector, impending hotel construction and expansion of room stocks, thousands of employment opportunities will be created in the coming years.

"During the course of 2019, an additional 1,005 rooms are slated to come on stream. When you consider the ratio of 2.3 employees per room, that's an additional 2,300 workers, and this number does not include people like your bar staff, pool and beach attendants and several other categories of workers," Bartlett said in a speech delivered by Odette Dyer, regional manager of the Jamaica Tourist Board.

According to Bartlett, as of 2020 and beyond, Jamaica will witness the largest growth in hotel rooms ever with the construction boom, pointing out that the expansion of current hotels and the construction of new ones will add another 18,157 rooms.

"Using the average employee -to-room ratio, that's another 41,000 jobs," the minister said.

The tourism industry directly employs more than 117,000 Jamaicans, while generating indirect jobs for another 250,000 Jamaicans.

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