Pray for our children - Acting principal mourns loss of two students

March 12, 2019

The gruesome deaths of two students who attended the Donald Quarrie High School has sent the entire institution into mourning, with the acting principal, Maxine Lawrence, asking the nation to pray for the children of Jamaica.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, after returning from the mid-term break, Lawrence said that it was a sad time.

"The Ministry of Education has sent a trauma team to our school, and along with our guidance counsellors have been attending to our students. They are still here having to deal with the morning shift students. They had dialogue with the class in particular," she said.

The students who were killed last Thursday are 15-year-old David Cameron of a Mandela Close, Westchester address, and 14-year-old Brittany Allen.

Our news team gathered that Allen was in Grade nine, while Cameron was in Grade 10 and also a member of the school's track team.

Reports from the Portmore police are that about 10:20 p.m. last Thursday, the teens were on a bed in a room at a residence along Mandela Close when armed men entered and opened fire.

Both Cameron and Allen were shot in the head.

THE STAR gathered that the police were summoned, and on arrival, Allen was found lying face down on the bed.

Cameron was reportedly found lying on his back, also on the bed.

As the school mourns the loss of the two lives, Lawrence is asking the nation to pray.

"Two young lives, promising students. It's really a sad time, very traumatic experience. Students are crying, and teachers are crying. We got support from other institutions like Dunoon. They came as well. It's rough to see how their lives were snuffed out, and I am asking the nation to pray for our children and pray for the hearts of these men," Lawrence said.

The double killing has sent shock waves in the community, as residents are reportedly cowering in fear following the brutal incident.

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