Prostitute murdered in Montego Bay - Body found in shallow water on Fisherman’s Beach

March 12, 2019

A dispute over money between a popular prostitute and an unknown client is believed to have led to the death of the woman, whose body was found on a section of the Fisherman's Beach in downtown Montego Bay, St James, on Sunday morning.

The woman, who was found face down but fully clothed in shallow water on the beach, has been identified as 27-year-old Kerrian 'Ker' Campbell, of a John's Hall address, also in St James. She was found with multiple stab wounds.

According to police reports, about 9:30 a.m., while lawmen were busily processing four other murder scenes in the western city, they got a report that a body was seen on the beach. A unit was dispatched to the location, where Campbell's body was found.

Fishermen who operate on the beach said that they are quite familiar with Campbell, who regularly uses the beach for her sexual activities with her clients.

They said that they saw her in a dispute with a man who she had taken on the beach, but figured they had settled their differences and left.


"Is a girl who come pon de beach regularly come sell sex," a fisherman told the WESTERN STAR yesterday. "She and a man go round a de back Saturday night, which is a normal thing. Minutes later, we hear dem a cuss over money, which is also a normal thing."

The fisherman said that at one point, he saw Campbell with a pair of scissors in her hand but while she appeared quite angry, she was not overly aggressive.

"It look like de man neva want pay har, but that a regular ting wid de prostitute and de man dem," the fisherman added. "When him grab har and pull har inna de old building round a de back, me still neva tek it fe nothing. Me was shock when mi hear seh dem find her dead round deh Sunday morning."

Since the start of the year, police sources say a number of prostitutes have been murdered in Montego Bay, some involved in fights with other prostitutes and others in disputes with clients.

"We have had a number of recent incidents in which prostitutes have been killed in quarrels and fights," a police source told the WESTERN STAR. "Many of them are quite aggressive and are known to arm themselves with knives, scissors, and even acid."

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