Rural communities facing water issues

March 12, 2019

The National Water Commission (NWC) is advising that, due to operational challenges at the Great River Treatment Plant in St James, and the Spur Tree Pumping Station in Manchester, customers served by these facilities are experiencing disruptions in their water supply.

The NWC is reporting that operations at the Great River Treatment Plant has been reduced to 70 per cent. Customers will therefore experience low water pressure or no water.

Areas likely to be affected in St James include: Freeport, Fairview, Gloucester Avenue, Queen's Drive, Leaders Avenue, Catherine Hall, West Green, Felicity, Mango Walk, Glendevon, Salt Spring, Brandon Hill, Rosemount, Cornwall Courts, Rose Heights, Farm Heights, Sun Valley Road, Rectory Drive, Catherine Mount, Albion, Reading Heights, Anchovy, Childermas, Lethe, sections of Comfort Hall, Wiltshire, Guava Walk, Spring Gardens, Belmont, Tower Hill, Moy Hall and Unity Hall.

Areas likely to be affected in Hanover include: Cue, Elgin Town, Johnson Town, Lucea, Brisette, Hoist, Malcolm Heights, Cacoon, Dias, First Hill, Montpelier, Bamboo, McQuarrie, Woodland and Blenheim.

Areas likely to be affected in Manchester include: Greenvale, Hatsfield, Dunrobin, Mandeville, Old England, Grey Ground, New Port, Ward Avenue, Heartease, Albion, May Day, Brumalia, Marshalls Pen and Mike Town.

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