‘Report the crimes’ - Superintendent begs St Thomas residents

March 14, 2019
A section of 10 Miles in Bull Bay St Andrew.

Against the background that some bar operators in St Thomas may have been reluctant to inform the police after being robbed, superintendent in charge of the parish, Marlene Wilson-Christie, is urging individuals to speak up.

Speaking with our news team about the allegations that a group, which includes two men and a woman, has been going around robbing bars, Wilson-Christie says her records do not substantiate such wrong doing.

“We have had a few break-ins, but not of that nature with two men and a woman involved, but if that is going on I need to know”, said SP Wilson-Christie.

THE STAR was told that last week was a satisfactory one where crimes of certain nature were concerned.

Wilson-Christie said, “Just last week, I was commending my officers about the job well done.”

Wilson-Christie told our news team that she has heard numerous reports of alleged incidents through the media and is urging residents to come to the police.

“I am here to serve. When they come to you, please call me. Give them my number. We need to known what is happening because we have been making some efforts. Four men who did a robbery in Golden Grove, we have them. Two more in Seaforth, we have them also,” Wilson-Christie said of the efforts of the police to stem crime.


Residents told our news team that bar robberies have been occurring in the parish.

“Last week Monday was the last time. Dem dweet at Nine Miles and then we hear of the same group, used same tactics in 11 Miles. One woman and two man, and dem rob money and liquor. The one a Nine Miles, the woman go behind the counter and tek down the liquor and money out the draw, while the gunman dem hold up the place,” a resident of Eleven Miles told THE STAR.

When our news team asked the police about the Nine Miles incident, Wilson-Christie said that area is adjoined to the East Kingston Division.

“Therefore, I am not sure if they have reports. But for Ten, Eleven and Twelve Miles, we have not had any such reports,” he said.

Checks with the head of the East Kingston police did not unearth any findings relating to the alleged incidents.

Repeated calls to the cell phone of Superintendent Victor Hamilton, head of the division, were not answered.

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